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Dec 13, 2011 5:00am EST
including haae crimes. 3 3 for the first tiie... former jerry sandusky will face his allegeddsex abuse victims in court. -3 court.a preliminaryyhearing will be held this morning... in pennsylvania.state prosecctors will have to prove if they have enough evidence sandussy faces 40 charges of rape and moleetation in a ccild sex abuse candal... that involved eighttalleged pictims.those alleged victims are expectee to testify at the hearing. 3 phe new year coull mean a cut in your takk home pay.that's 3 if conggess can't agree to extend a payroll tax greg black eeplaiis... reepblicans in he house of - representatives areeexpectedd the tax holiday . up for a vote today. today. 3 --nats of gavel baag-- congress ii ssheduled to wrap &pup business for thh year this friday..but there's no agreement yet on extending the payroll tax cut.demmcrats and republicans both support holidays without ppssingga ppyroll tax cut for the middle-class.""i do believe it's going to paas with bipartisan support.""..but disagree n how to pay for it. "that'sswhere the problem lies. the democrrtssare 3 tax on
Dec 1, 2011 5:00am EST
have to fight its firstt lawsuit ovvr allegations of assistant coach jerry sandusky. as bill caiaccio explains... the lawsuit ame down the same day the university held a town hall to talk about the accusati. accusationn. 3&"sandusky was part of the penn state family. we lllare. and i feel shamed.""he child sex abuse scandal that has shaken penn state brought together at a townhall meeting last happened hourr after the first lawsuut wass filed againss penn state, former defensive footbbll coach jerry sanduuky, and a charity sandusky founded. sandusky is charred with the lawsuit is from a inth alleged victim -- a 29-year-old man who saas sandusky abuued him more than 100 times in the 900."he also pegan to coercc this child -- then 10 to satisfy his own &pperverse sexual impulses, which he couud noo control." sandusky's attorney insists his clienttis innocent.he says he talked to the young man who sandusky allegedly assaulted in a shower, according to a grand jury report."he sat here with his mother and his brother and said he was not a viitim...//butt to//...the young man said
Dec 15, 2011 5:00am EST
-3 pootball coaah jerry sandusky phis morning.sandusky applied - to coach at juniata college ááafteráá the sex aause invessigation began.he was turned down.. but there are reports that he still wwnt to the college frequently.. devellpment center.the chool says it never received any complaintssabout sandusky. 3 3 in this morning's waste watch... can state overnment use taxpayer dollars to ue people... who sue ááhemá? áttemá?that's the question being asked... in court hearing to dismiss a 100 million dollar lawsuit filed plaintiffs challenging a masssve state ceeter project. several business ownerssfiled &pawarred to developers with pplitical ties to gooernoo maatin o' court wednesday... lawyers for the state threatened to prooeed with their claim.... if the - plaintifff don't drop their case..- 3 < "imagiie the implicctions if a citizzn who sued the government the whole reason the first amednment exists is to akeesure those things don't happen."> happen."> fox45 filed 3 severall""reedom of information" requests... with the state attorney general's -3 officc..
Dec 8, 2011 5:00am EST
rrested on ánewá sex abuse charges. &p3 3 new sex abuse chhrges gainst jerry sandusky. the former penn ssate assistant football coach -- arrested áagainá tooay... after two ánewá accusers were questioned bb a victims saying they mett & sandusky thrrugh the second mile harity... which he founded in 19-77 to help disadvantaaed accuser ccaimm hh waa 10 years old.the other says when he as 11 or 11. pennsylvaaia attorney general stateemnt sayiig quote: "as in many of the othhr cases &pdeetified to date, tte contact with sanduuky allegedly fit a pattern of 'grooming' victims."sandusky & was already charggd with 40 pcunts f child sex aabse... invooving eiiht othhr boys &pover a 15-year period. the 66-year-old ex-coach aintains his innocencee meanwhile, a &pcenttal pennnylvanna college says sanddskyywas deniedá a vvlunteer coaching ppsitioo lasttyear.according to juniaaa college... a ackgrounddcheck revealed a high school was innestiiating sandusky on sex abuse allegations.downs ott "my prrffssors told me a couple weeks ago that he knew -33that he came in and applied for aajo
Dec 9, 2011 5:30am EST
coaah, jerry sandusky. pne of sandusky's accusers says he screamed for help.... when he was being molested in the basement of sandusky's home... knowing sandusky's if dorothy ever hearr or saw r anything... bbt she could bb considered aacare taker of &psome f the alleged victims.. because ttey ssayed in her home wwile sheewas there.and under pennsylvania llww.. thatt "she does have a legal ibility - abuse, but she would have to ga- know about it. so if she didn't know about it, if she would bb the deffnse that would probably be her only it was going on."e didn't know - on."sandusky s out on bail and on house arrrst right now. hees duu bbck in courr next &pwwek. the duggaa family says it's hearrbroken... after michelle uggar suffered a piscarriage.the baay would have been jim bob and mmccelle gained nattonall ttention as show "19 kidd and countingg" the 455year-old mother tells the magazine the family will select a name or the child, ann hold a fuueral servicee 3 a water eak cauues major damage at baltimore city collegg.water was pouring out offthe ceiling last the life
Dec 30, 2011 5:30am EST
the entirr nation. jerry sandusky.. former penn state assistant football coach.. charged with sexually abusing several boys he says he was mentoring. await the opporttnity to present our side." head coach joe paterno... and other school leaders... were fired.. for failing to alert police after an assistant told them he saw sanduskly molesttng a child. shortly after that syracuse university basketball coach bernie fine was fired.. after men came forward with pccusations that he too molested them s boys. washington wasn't safe from sex scandals either. democraratic presidential candidate john edwards...indicted on charges he used illegal campaign hide his pleading not guilty. cain says: " i am not going to be silenced and i'm not going away" republican candidate herman cain...suspending áhisá presidential campaigna"a&afte r denying sexual harassment allegationsa"aa&ann infidelity. new york congressman anthony weiner resigns...after tweeting lewd pictures of himself to women. a hotel maid accuses the head of theeinternational monetary fund, dominique strau
Dec 16, 2011 5:00am EST
. state coach jerry sanduskk is facing criticism for the way rominger told reporters.. sandusky was showeringgwith poung boys to teach them hygiene.teaching aaperson to showee at the age of 12 r 4 wwuld sound strange to some ppeople but actuaaly people who wwrk with troubled yooth would tell you there are a lot of juvvnile delinquents or people who are dependent who have to be taught basic life skills &plike hoo to put soap on heir body. rominger ow says this wassaa hypotheticaa rrsppnse tooa question about hat coold with a child.sandusky is pccused of molesting 10 boys founded for troubled youth. 3& the last campaign debate before the anuary third iowa paucuses was not ithout a few fireworkss craig boswell wraps up the ction. actioo. (boswelllon cam) since i began, there has been four lead changes, two candidates have dropped out and four ccndidates have the seven maaor republican ppesidential candidates remaining say theyyare the best choice. (ppg) coming into this ast ddbate in iowa, newt gingrich is leaaing in many ational polls. hooing to say at the gingrich says his reeord spe
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7